Petal Pushers Will Host Pollinator Palooza with Bewitched Acres Honey Bee Farm on June 1

Petal Pushers Farm Garden Center will be hosting a family-oriented fun day called Pollinator Palooza from 11:00 to 2:00. Samantha Stevens, owner of Bewitched Acres, a honey bee farm in Meredith, will be visiting, setting up stations for adults and children alike to learn about local pollinators and see honey bees in action. Petal Pushers is located at 2635 Parade Road in Laconia.

Ron Palsgrove, general manager of Petal Pushers Farm explains, “Sam is a customer of ours and in talking we came to learn what she does for a living – raises bees, maintains an active apiary, sells honey and contributes to a local honey bee association. Considering the number of customers who approach us with interest about purchasing pollinator plants in order to contribute to the safety of the honey bee population in New Hampshire, creating a day of mutual education and experiences for families seemed like a win-win. We are very excited to host this “first” with Samantha at Petal Pushers.”

Samantha Stevens, owner of Bewitched Acres in Meredith, has been operating her farm for 3 years. She adds, “The more things we can share with the general public, letting them know that there are simple, convenient and tangible things that they can do to actually make a difference, the better. I see this opportunity as a way to do just that. Communicating with families, and especially the children, letting them see what an impact even small decisions can have on the pollinators, is so important to our future.”

There will be a live observation hive, where visitors can safely see the comings and goings of honey bees and ask any questions. There will also be a display of local pollinators and the plants that are particularly important to their survival. Pollinators native to New Hampshire will be emphasized, with a look at bees, beetles, hummingbirds, wasps, butterflies and birds, along with the plants and flowers they are particularly drawn to. After learning to recognize pollinators and their favorite plants, children will be invited to take home a scavenger hunt that will help them identify pollinators in their own backyards.

Other activities include Pin the Stinger on the Bee, tie-dye shirts, pollinator plant giveaway. There will be an offering of local honey for sale that will benefit the Pemi-Baker Beekeeping Association, as well as candles and other apiary-themed items for purchase. Petal Pushers’ food truck will be up and operating with refreshments for sale, as well as plants, shrubs and trees. It is expected that customers will leave with a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the decisions that gardeners can make in order to ensure that our New Hampshire gardens are supporting nature and our local environment now, and into the future. For more information call 603 524-7253.